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Our online store is currently offline. However if you would like to purchase any of our items you can print out the form here and send it along with a check to:

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All checks should be made out to "American Anti-Slavery Group." Sorry for the inconvenience! We'll get the store back online as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

iAbolish T-Shirt - $20
Front: "Slavery Isn't History" Back: "I educate, I advocate, I abolish"
100% Cotton
Available in unisex S M L XL and as a woman's fitted T in S M L.

Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery (Hardcover) - $24.95
by Gloria Steinem (Foreword), Jesse Sage (Editor), Liora Kasten (Editor)
Today, millions of people are being held in slavery around the world. From poverty-stricken countries to affluent American suburbs, slaves toil as sweatshop workers, sex slaves, migrant workers, and domestic servants. With exposes by seven former slaves--as well as one slaveholder--from Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, this groundbreaking collection of harrowing first-hand accounts reveals how slavery continues to thrive in the twenty-first century. From the memoirs of Micheline, a Haitian girl coerced into domestic work in Connecticut, to the confessions of Abdel Nasser, a Mauritanian master turned abolitionist, these stories heighten awareness of a global human rights crisis that can no longer be ignored.

Espace from Slavery - $24.95

by Francic Bok with Edward Tivnan
May 1986: Seven-year-old Francis Bok was selling his mother's eggs and peanuts near his village in southern Sudan when Arab raiders on horseback burst into the quiet marketplace, murdering men and gathering the women and young children into a group. Strapped to horses and donkeys, Francis and others were taken north into lives of slavery under wealthy Muslim farmers.

For ten years, Francis lived in a shed near the goats and cattle that were hist responsibility. After two failed attempts to flee--each bringing severe beatings and death threats--Francis finally escaped at age seventeen. He persevered through prison and refugee camps for three more years, winning the attention of United Nations officials who granted him passage to America.

Now an antislavery activist, Francis Bok has made it his life mission to combat world slavery. His is the first voice to speak to an estimated 27 million people held against their will in nearly every nation, including our own. Escape from Slavery is at once a riveting adventure, a story of desperation and triumph, and a window revealing a world that few have witnessed.

In Contempt of Fate - $14.95

by Beatrice Fernando
The tale of a Sri Lankan sold into servitude, who survived to tell it. "I was finally ready. This was my last attempt at escape from my brutal employer in Lebanon. Four floors down, off the balcony law my freedom. I could hardly see the ground since it was still dark. Holding on to the cold railing I wondered: Could this be my last moment in this world? I was not being sucidal, but it was my only chance to escape death and live to see my son again."

Dream Freedom - $17.00

by Sonia Levitin
In Sudan tens of thousands of men, women, and children of the Dinka and Nuba tribes have been captured, taken from their homes and families, and forced into hard labor. Based on a true story and real-life contemporary events, this novel tells how a group of American students learns of the atrocities in Sudan, and how they begin to make a difference--raising money to redeem slaves and educating other about this dire situation. Award-winning author Sonia Levitin juxtaposes a familiar and secure setting with the severe hardhip of the Dinka and Nuba peoples, making Dream Freedom a book that will raise consciousness around the world.